Change Within Yourself: Living Positively


Have you noticed the change within yourself? The changes I’ve noticed within myself is learning how to view the little things in life in a positive way. I do this by surrounding myself around positive people and helping those who are not so positive to be more positive. Also because we all have difficulties in dealing with certain situations in life, (some more than others) I mediate to cope. Stress is a contributor to many mental and physical illnesses.When you meditate you basically learn how to shut out the external stresses in the world and still your body. There are dozens of meditation techniques available to choose from some are: saying a mantra, listening to meditation music, staring at an object (like a candle flame) or counting breaths.

Change Within Yourself: Benefits Of Meditation:

  • lowers blood pressure
  • can amp up your immune system
  • improves both physical and emotional responses to stress
  • improves fibromyalgia
  • improves psoriasis


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change within yourself, opal earrings, meditation,

change within yourself, opal earrings, meditation,


*(please note: The information is not meant as actual medical information. For advice about illnesses listed below, please visit a qualified physician)

I find myself using stones to bring out positive energy to my environment. One way I keep stones around me is by wearing it in jewelry. I recently came across these stunning sterling silver opal dangle earrings from Sitara Collections. I love its distinctive color, shape and simplicity design to it. This water and karmic stone is suppose to bring inspiration to projects, life and spirit. In addition, this stone puts out positive emotions and teaches that what you put out comes back to us.  

Meaning Of Opal:

  • enhances imagination and creativity
  • enhances self-esteem 
  • enhances memory
  • accesses your true spiritual nature
  • enhances hope and inner peace
  • channels unconditional love, passion, loyalty and faithfulness
  • is protective in dangerous places
  • is said to be the most useful stone in preventing bad health (PMS, strengthens immune system, eyes)

There are so many other gorgeous stones Sitara Collections have that you need to check out for yourself! What is so amazing about this company is they do positive things to help the community. For starters they contract talented Indian artisans to design their products. They empower these artists with fair pay, keep their traditional craftsmanship alive and work in their own villages. They also donate part of their proceeds to a non-profit organization Sitara Foundation. This foundation allows children to improve their educational skills. When you purchase their product(s), you will be doing something positive by helping the community too!


change within yourself, opal earrings, meditation,

change within yourself, opal earrings, meditation,

change within yourself, opal earrings, meditation,

opal earrings, meditation,

opal earrings, meditation,


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