Tips On How To Dress More Edgier



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There are so many different types of clothing/accessories I love to wear but my favorite pieces are the edgier ones. I’ve been a fan of edgier clothing and accessories ever since I was 12. I remember kids would ask me, “what the heck are you wearing?” I basically wore what felt comfortable inside. I always was attracted to unique, edgier fashion pieces.

Once I got older and celebrities became more edgier, society became comfortable with the edgier fashion style. I finally didn’t stand out so much until 10 years ago when I moved to a quiet Rural area in Pennsylvania where most parents wore jeans and t-shirt. At times I felt like that 12 year old girl back in middle school. I tried my hardest to tone it down but I feel unfortable wearing clothes that isn’t me.


Tips On How To Dress More Edgier:

  • look for pieces that are darker and more unique
  • look for colors that are black, charcoal grays, deep maroons and navy blues
  • select t-shirts, with sayings, with studs details, with cutouts or string tie to them
  • stick with faux-leather, stainless steel, silver or dark metal jewelry
  • wear dark, loose or ripped denim jeans
  • wear boots that look rugged or combat boots with dresses, skirts and pants
  • if you prefer to wear heels wear ones that have unique looking details on them
  • wear hats that are dark, faux leather or with saying on them
  • wear deep dark nail art and colors
  • wear you hear like you don’t care (messy, vibrant colored, shaved underneath or sides)
  • stick with dark shades


Tips On How To Dress More Edgier, Raccoon Brand



Finally, I’m just a women who simple is in love with fashion. I enjoy wearing different shades of colors but black is my first choice. In addition, I love how black makes all body type look thinner. Also, black to me signifies, strength, power and mystery. Lastly, below, I’m wearing denim ripped, boot leg, Levis jeans, studded, sleeveless top, Guess buckled booties, L.O.G.G denim jacket and my favorite Raccoon Brand cap. The edginess look to this hat and how comfortable it feels on head are my two favorite things about it. You should definitely check out their fun tees, hoodies and awesome beanies!


Tips On How To Dress More Edgier, Raccoon Brand


Tips On How To Dress More Edgier , Raccoon Brand


Tips On How To Dress More Edgier , Raccoon Brand


Tips On How To Dress More Edgier , Raccoon Brand






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